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Elcom Cash Registers

  • Elcom Euro 150 Flexi
  • Elcom Euro 150 Flexi NEW PRODUCT

    Euro-150 Flexy

    The newest member of the Euro cash registers family is Euro-150 Flexy. The design of cash register Euro-150 Flexy highlighting a modern look of your store in the eyes of your customers. The operation and maintenance is extremely simple and the training of your employees will be quick and easy to handle billing. Comfort during billing guarantee resistant full programmability keyboard . Replacing the tape is very fast thanks to drop-in system. This cash register supports connectivity external devices needed for comfortable billing.


    •Various traffic services
    •Fashion boutiques
    •News stands

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  • Elcom Euro 50 mini
  • Elcom Euro 50 mini

    Euro-50 Mini

    The Euro-50 Mini is designed particularly for smaller shops in demanding environments. The cash register´s timeless and elegant design will leave your customers with the impression of a modern business.

    •mobile sales
    •Parking lots
    •Small cafes
    •Candy stores.

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