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UV Note Checkers

  • BUSICOM MD 1700
  • BUSICOM MD 1700 - NEW

    Commercial Scanner;  2 x pc's 6W UV Blue glass tube above;
    1 pc 6W White light tube below to Scan Water Mark; 
    Magnetic Ink Detector.

    Size  270 x 140 x 145mm    

    AC Mains 220/230 volts

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  • BUSICOM MD 1983
  • BUSICOM MD 1983 - NEW

    Commerial Scanner, 2 x 6W UV Blue Glass tubes above 1 x 4W White Light below to scan Water mark and metal/plastic strip. Magnifying Lens to check Micro Print. Magnetic Ink Detector and Auto ON/OFF

    Colour: Black

    Size: 270 (W) x 143 (D) x 142 (H) mm

    AC MAINS  220/230 volts

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